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Questions About Hair Transplantation

Questions About Hair Transplantation

 Questions About Hair Transplantation

Questions About Hair Transplantation

 1- Hair washing after a transplant is not an issue

    Washing does not intervene with the development of the newly-grafted hair. In fact, you should try to keep the area as clean as possible in order to keep infection at bay. There are special products and techniques for washing this area, and famous clinics like BADAY HAIR CENTER offer these products and instructions to every individual.

2- Hair transplant can be slightly uncomfortable

    Hair transplantation is not a painful procedure but it can cause a little discomfort, which is why it is conducted under local anaesthesia. However, in most cases, patients can read a book or watch a movie while the process is underway.

3- Hair transplant offers 100% natural results

    When conducted in top clinics like BADAY HAIR CENTER, a hair transplant offers completely natural-looking results. The follicles are taken from the patient’s own body and implanted in the same direction as their own hair, ensuring perfectly compelling results.

4- Transplanted hair falls out temporarily

    This hair loss occurs 2-4 weeks after the transplant and is a perfectly natural process. The hair will regrow after being shed, with full results being visible in 9-12 months.

5- People of any age can undergo hair transplant treatment

    People of almost any age between their twenties and seventies can undergo a hair transplant operation. Patients in their thirties and forties are the perfect candidates, as they have a stable hair pattern and there is a lower risk of losing further hair.

6- Both men and women can obtain successful hair transplantation results

    Men, as well as women, can undergo a hair transplant in the case of baldness.

7- Hair transplantation criteria are different in women and men

     The hair loss pattern and the number of grafts that can be extracted are different in women. This means that the criteria for female hair transplantation is different as a result. Hair Transplant Facts

 A beard transplant can also provide natural results.

8- A substandard hair transplant can lead to side effects

     If poorly conducted, hair transplantation can lead to bleeding, scarring, cysts and other side effects.

9- Hair transplants do not affect any other body part

    Even in the event of an infection, scarring or any other side effect, patients need not worry as only the skin on their scalp is affected.

10- Results are not the same everywhere

     Success can only be assured if you go to a reputable clinic and receive treatment from our expert team with experience in hair transplantation.