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What Is Hair Transplantation?

What Is Hair Transplantation?

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Surgical procedure to restore the appearance of thinned or lost hair with different techniques is the answer of what is hair transplantation. Usually, regardless of age range, hair transplantation which is preferred by people who are uncomfortable with their external appearance and who have lack of self-confidence, is a common procedure in our country and in the world.

Hair that is lost due to reasons such as any disease, accident, age or genetics can have a live appearance through this process. During the procedure, the graft taken from the upper part of the person s nape behind the head is transferred to a different area (where there are nerve and vein connections, fertile tissue desired for hair transplantation). The reason why the graft is taken from the nape is that this area has a structure resistant to hair loss.

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How is hair transplantation done?

 Hair transplantation done by applying local anesthesia is an operation that does not require sleep. First graft is taken from the relevant region and hair transplantation is started. Upper nape is generally preferred. A bandage is attached to this area during the night. There are small holes in the front and in the area where the hair is planted. There is no leakage from these holes which cause leakage formation in the planted area. Swelling may occur after the procedure in some people. However, medication and measures to be taken after the procedure are meticulously made to ensure that the patient has the desired appearance in a short time.

Our patients can go home and rest within a few hours after completing the procedure. In the first week following the transplantation procedure, a scabbed tissue is formed in the region, and this process can be eliminated by regular washing of the hair. Scabbed tissue is not a condition that will disturb the patient. Hair transplantation procedure is an operation that allows the patient to return to social life in 2-7 days depending on the quantity of application.


Techniques applied in hair transplantation

 Today, thanks to the developing technology, it has become possible to achieve quite successful results in male type hair loss. In hair transplantation where the technique called as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used, hairs taken from the donor area are transferred. No stitches or cut signs occur during operation. Recovery is very fast. Specially prepared metal ends are used in the application.


How long does hair transplantation last?

The duration of hair transplantation varies according to the transplantation area. Another question which is asked by the people who are looking for answers to the question of what is hair transplantation is the length of the procedure.  The estimated time takes about 4–6 hours. After the procedure, the patient may return home to rest.


Can hair transplantation be performed at any age?

The hair transplantation procedure mainly covers the age group of 18-60. However, in order to make the hair transplantation, the hair loss type is more important than the age group. If the person has a type of hair loss that can be seen as the scalp is seen, 50% of hair loss can be mentioned here. The age in hair loss is considered only in the case of the continuity of losing. Especially the hair loss arising from burn, the formation of bare area on the eyebrows area and patients who are not satisfied with this procedure, although had it before, people who have hair loss due to illness, women who have experienced male type hair problem can benefit from this application.


Can women have hair transplantation?

Women should consult with a specialist dermatologist before the complaint of hair transplantation. After tests performed, if it s diagnosed with “Male type hair loss”, hair transplantation can be done.


Who should do hair transplantation?

The person doing hair transplantation should have sufficient experience in this field.  In particular, hair transplantation donor area should not be damaged, and support of an experienced dermatologist should be provided for hair density.

Am I eligible for hair transplantation?

As same in many surgical procedures, there are some factors that need to be considered for hair transplantation. Especially people who are doing research about the question of What is hair transplantation and who are in search of a preference point in this field should;


·        Have no chronic discomfort related to blood clotting,


·        The point defined as the donor area, in other words, the area between the two ears must have sufficient hair to       transfer.


How much graft is needed?

Hair transplantation is performed on a session basis.  Depending on the structure of the patient s donor area for an average session, the number of grafts varies between 2500 and 4500. This means that the graft range is between 7500 and 8000 hair strands. According to the level of hair loss and free space width of the patient, the desired graft is determined by the specialist.

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How long do I recover?

After hair transplantation, a thin layer of scab occurs. When the head is washed regularly every day, the shells fall out and disappear after 10 days. In this process, the patient s daily habits do not cause any problem.

Do new hairs grow immediately after hair transplantation?

Most of hairs obtained after transplantation are lost within a period of one month.  Therefore, a similar appearance is seen with the appearance before transplantation in a month.  After an average of 3 months, new hair grows. Usually a change is observed in the 5th and 6th months. 10% hair growth occurs within the upcoming process. In the 9th and 12th months, 90% of the hair grows. Another important detail that should be known is that the hair can grow in 15th month due to the slow circulation of blood on the top.

Is hair transplantation risky?

As it is a surgical procedure, the risks that may be in each operation also apply to hair transplantation. However, it is possible to minimize the risk with a team of experts and an experienced team. Especially for hair transplantation, it is important to take into consideration that the medication preferred in local anesthesia do not cause any allergic conditions to the person.


Beard and mustache plantation with FUE technique

 Beard and mustache plantation are the operation we perform. It is a method frequently preferred by males who have irregularities, deficiencies in beard hairs, or no beard / mustache. Plantation can also be done in areas with scar.  FUE techniques are used for beard and mustache planting. The results begin to become visible in a period of 8-10 weeks.


Do you also perform eyebrow plantation?

 Yes, we perform eyebrow plantation.  Transfer operation can be made with follicles separately taken from the area between the two ears for women who do want to thicken their eyebrows or have no eyebrows. The hairs can grow within an average of 3 months as hair growth, but they will later adjust with the area.

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